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Premium Parties

Extra special parties where the fun starts the moment you book!

I booked Mark for my son's 6th birthday party last weekend. From the moment I got in touch, Mark was professional, helpful and friendly. Booking was very straightforward and he turned up with plenty of time to get set up before the guests started to arrive. He was fantastic with the kids and they all loved him. He was a great addition to the party and made the whole event really enjoyable - for the kids and the grownups (YMCA!). Mark was also flexible with time and happily stayed for an extra 30 mins when I asked if this was an option. Thank you Mark for making the party a huge success! I will definitely be recommending you. :-)

- May Clee-Cadman

What's included...




Party Bags


Party Page

Premium Party Prices

Character Video

Character Video

This is unique to Top Hat Kids, and its loads of fun!

We provide you with a short video (in character), who will present a personalised message to you.

For e.g., if you book a Premium Pirate Party, you'll get a personalised message from Captain Blackbeard! Y'arrgghhh!

 He'll be delighted to wish a happy birthday to the birthday girl or boy, or to give your choice of message.

We'll also be more than happy to combine this with the Personal Party Page, for a fully interactive experience!

Quality Fabrics

Courtesy of Handmade by Honey Bella Boo, we provide your choice of custom, handmade party bags or pass the parcel that match your theme.

Whether you choose the luxury party bags or pass the parcel, They come pre-filled with prizes, but are a treat in themselves.

There are a number of examples here, but we can have them custom made if you'd prefer.


We will always leave enough room for additions, such as a slice of birthday cake, book or another small prize.

Party Bags

Personal Party Page

Make managing invitations so much easier!

We'll create a personal party page for you on our website, this page will gather every 'yes' and 'no' for your party and send them to you, so you can have confirmations sent straight to your inbox!


This makes updating details a piece of cake, and the invitation can't be lost as its online!

We'll also let them know the theme for the party, and any other relevant information, so they come prepared for the party.


This makes the process of invitations so much simpler - just send them to your custom page, and we'll do the rest!

(example here)

Personal Party Page

Premium Prices

 45 minutes


1 hour


1 hour 15


1 hour 30


2 hours


Premium Prices
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